Who your sponsorship helps

We will distribute the money you raise to the charities you are swimming for and also your donation will be given to the Winchester Rotary Trust Fund. 

Collecting sponsorship

As a rough guide when seeking sponsorship, the average swimmer will complete a length in around 35 to 40 seconds, which suggests that a target of around 100 lengths could be reached by your team. However, a much more modest total may be appropriate for some. 

There will be many teams on the day, all raising money for their chosen charities. Although neither teams nor individuals will be in formal competition with each other, we do anticipate that there may be some friendly rivalry between some teams. Remember, however, that the aim is to raise as much money as possible, and in doing so have fun!

How to collect the Sponsorship money


  • Download a sponsorship form here (word). You can do this as many times as you need to. We will also email all registrants with the link to download the form for ease of giving to your team members. Please ask your sponsors who are tax payers to complete their postal address details and tick the "Gift Aid" box as this enables us to collect Gift Aid from HMRC that adds an extra 25% to their sponsorship at no cost either to the sponsor or yourself!



Submitting your Sponsorship money

All sponsorship money should be returned by 31 July 2018 if possible. We will be contacting team leaders three weeks after the event to see how you are getting on.

  • If you are collecting the money by hand the original sponsorship form must be returned to the Winchester Rotary Club and the cheque made payable to:

Winchester Rotary Club Trust Fund

and sent to:

Fiona Whitehouse, Winchester Rotary Club, c/o Winchester Rotary, 126 Greenhill Road, Winchester SO22 5DU

We need the original sponsorship form to claim the Gift Aid.

  • If you are collecting via JustGiving then you do not have to do anything - just chase up your sponsors! The money and Gift Aid will be sent directly to us.

Gift Aid

Once the money from all swimmers has been collected we will make a consolidated return on behalf of Winchester Rotary Club Trust Fund (a Registered Charity No 283632) for Gift Aid. Please be aware that this process will take several weeks.

We will let you know when your sponsorship money has been paid to your charity.

Most importantly

We hope that you really enjoy the day. If you require any further information please contact Fiona Whitehouse on 07787 514622